Momentum & Memories

The days of spring are right at our fingertips with the sounds of birdsong….Millions of blooms and so many new beginnings are around us as my new venture with Momma continues to make head way. Our early morning calls are filled with a new found happiness, singing songs from her era together and all the tittle-tattle of her world come pouring forth….

“I love Idell and will be going to lunch with her today…I watched Hurt Locker with many of the residents last night here at the Carillon and they all walked out in the middle…I was the only one to stay….Mothers should NOT see that movie…It was so depressing….”

Today, I can’t get to her in Boulder…so the calls continue to come in….letting me know she is adjusting, but just wants her things from her home in Northeast Philadelphia….I am so grateful to have Momma so close by….

Before husband and I got out of bed this morning, I put my phone on speaker and listened to 2 years worth of Momma’s voicemails….from the past….What we noticed was the earlier calls were she was clear and brighter….Incredible to have that memory right there with her real live voice from the past….

We can remember the days of then but the days of now are so very precious….

More tomorrow as it come…

This is where you want to be….


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