Boulder Squirrels

This morning we had a dentist appointment for Momma….She broke her front tooth while eating an apple yesterday…Luckily, we were able to get an appointment by one of the greatest dentists in the world, Dr. Mark Birnbach….and is in the best location along the Boulder creek…While sitting in the chair, having her front tooth fixed by Dr. Mark,  Momma settled in, she was watching out the window and became completely fascinated by the squirrels..quite excited she said, “OMG, look at all those squirrels playing, eating and being adorable….I wish I could take them home with me…they are so entertaining!!!!”

Little things mean so much…go figure…Boulder Squirrels…playing….How sweet and how innocent! Both the squirrels and Momma.

Rio missed an opportunity to chase those Boulder squirrels..

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