As I wrote this book…

My dear friend, LP had this to say about my book as I was writing it…Her encouraging words….always made me laugh….from my point of view to the way she saw it…Thank you, LP

 “Lorrie Caplan, my God, of course you are writing a book about your parents. You have made them the center of your universe/world for a very long time. Every time I spoke to you, you always had a funny story to share about your time with them or when you were on the phone with them. I have lived part of my life through your relationship with your parents. Like you, they are endearing and just adorable. I know this book will be a best-seller because you are a star! An example of the way a life should be lead.

You make things happen! We around you watch with astonishment on how you make life work. I have admired you from the beginning. I love talking to you, giggling with you and just loving you. I support you all the way, because a) I know you can do this, get your first book published and b) you were born to write your story. Now, when will you get to “Just By Chance?” 

She continued, “I love the story of when you took Blanche to see Michael Bolton, and while she was sitting in the front row of his concert, in a small music venue in New Jersey, she yelled out, I love You Michael. He looked down at her, smiled and said, thank you, I love you too! The fact that you were sitting next to her and was so appalled by her behavior had me roaring. This is how you have been your whole life. And you had a moment of embarrassment? Jeez, Louise! Guess it was a big learning lesson for you!”

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