Sayin’ good-bye to Momma’s old life…

Just came back from closing up the old homestead…of my parents lives in Phillie….thank God that is over with for now…..

Wrapped and packed, crate and freight….emptied the entire joint. Oy what a job!

Momma has way too many collections…from music boxes to little pitchers that she gathered from her trips around the globe…. cuckoo clocks, candle snuffers about 30 of those….when does collecting become hoarding?

With my brother’s help (he shredded 40 years worth of papers) he now needs many massages to unkink him from the dreaded shredder!

My sister in law had amazing discipline to go wild and trash everything she saw in sight.  She rubbed her hands together and said, “Kitchen first!” I took her pulse because she was way too excited and having too much fun getting rid of my mothers’ stuff.

What a journey….thank God for Philly mustard pretzels…they saved me….

Now we have to plan on getting some of her stuff out here….we will be converging back to Philly end of September…for double weddings…Chad and Vanessa  and Austin and his future bride….

Will keep you posted…..

BTW, Merlin kicked my ass in inspiring me!!!Thank you!

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