What’s a woman to do?

It’s been a long road for Momma being moved abruptly out of her safe and nurturing environment…and she is asking on a daily basis…when can she get her things?

With time to recover, she thinks about her former condo and all the things that furnished it. “What happened to my desk? Will my Angel pole lamp come once you bring my things across the country? You know, in my 3rd desk drawer I remember having…..these are things I want.”

I remind her that all is packed up and by fall she will have her things again to make her feel more comfortable? safe? happy?

The memories of each thing will comfort her, I think to myself. Can her new home manage all the stuff we are bringing?

What’s a woman to do without her stuff from her former life?

“I am managing ~ but a little anxious to see everything!”

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