In the world of the elderly…

Aging is not easy, that I know for sure, as I witness all the residents at Momma’s “home!” They are brilliant beautiful people…with amazing past stories.


In my opinion, I feel the seniors are not getting a fair deal being alive in this day and age. Everything is so damned expensive and that’s just the way it is.

They don’t have a say in how much things cost. It’s so

frustrating….the price of groceries, movie tickets, just living…at independent or assisted homes….

Momma’s condo in Philly has been up for sale for 2 months now…and not a peep…Like many elders they have their old place up for sale and now living where help and health are the main issues…

I ask you for your prayers. That Momma’s home does sell before the end of July. Imagine the perfect couple coming in to her condo and saying right on the spot –

“yes, this is it. How beautiful.”

We will all be able to breathe easier.




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