BLANCHE’S Birthday

Yearning for the Mother who remembers clearly – the times of yesterday. And with Momma’s birthday coming up tomorrow….We see the signs of aging….She said, ” Growing older is not for the faint of heart…”

We turn this into celebration and hope she can remember the joyous moments. All she wants to do on her 87th is play bingo with “the gang” at her “home…” and then have an early dinner at IHOP!

Can you imagine the simple things in life for the elderly including the chain restaurants such as IHOP. She is in her glory when she is there.

Sam the manager is from Morocco and always takes great care of her. She just can’t wait til tomorrow.

Me, on the other hand, again, happy she is with us and we can celebrate her special day…and I will swallow the meal even though the ambience is not my cup of tea!!!

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