What makes the deal in ordeal?

Trying times and showing signs of backward spinning planets…With Mercury in Rx, I always try to adjust my life, hang in there, and go with the reverse flow….

This particular Rx has walloped me….While waiting for my flight to take off from the east coast, weather interfered and a 6pm flight turned into taking off at 11:44pm….A taxi home costing way too much….arriving at 330am and then yesterday our beloved puppy (the ever curious corgi) got into some dark chocolate almost poisoning herself – with a rush and a swoop to the emergency hospital a few miles from my home.

Ordeal. Dictionary meaning: a painful or horrific experience.

Yes, we have lived through this. And now…On to a more peaceful summer.

About to gather my puppy from the Animal Hospital….Keep an eye on her…and begin to breathe all over again.

Thanks for your support and love….

Always have Exes and Oh’s in my heart….


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