Meds Meds Meds

While husband is busy working on sorting out Momma’s meds, he is confused from the changes the doctors have made with her meds since her fall.

He diligently works filling her med boxes while I write this blog, so thankful that is not part of my department on caring for Momma. I handle all of her needs other than meds! Emotional, spiritual and physical.

Which reminds me….Saturday is her favorite thing, the Bingo game with all of her friends…I need to go get a roll of quarters since each board is 25cents! Though she only plays one board at a time, there are about 15 rounds going each week….Guess I handle some of her financial needs too!

Who would have ever thought Blanche and Bingo in the same sentence!!


Please spread the word on this blog….I havent had the heart to post it through facebook…it still feels so personal to me….





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