Peaceful Sunday Morning…

Good morning to you…

a gorgeous sunday morn

we are in a good place at this time
momma is out of rehab and loving living at the carillon
she is thriving…we got her help for a month…
someone to come in the morning, all the escorts she needs during the day…and someone to help her with meds and bed each nite.
a weight has been lifted off my shoulders…for us both….
now i can breathe a little easier…
wanting to enjoy summer, though the days are getting shorter…we will sit by the pool at momma’s place…take in some well needed relaxation….
fixate on the beauty of all the flowers wild, annuals and perennial that our Colorado offers….
The zucchini’s are abundant and we are waiting for tomatoes…..
We are hoping rehab helps Momma become more confident and stable on her feet. She is so very afraid of falling again.
In between all of that, what joy to see her in her element being Blanche with her peeps.


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