She is still learning how to overcome adversity. Dictionary meaning is difficulty.

Turning 87 has been challenging…..She misses her independence…while in a wheelchair for another few weeks….She wants to get up and go…on her own terms….She wants her freedom…and lord knows, she can’t afford another fall…

She looks to me like I am her adversary…as if I am her opponent…I tell her I am on her side…Wanting to make sure she is safe and content….Each day right now is up or down….

How do we come to terms that aging isn’t easy – a little bit of dignity is lost in the process – No matter what we are in this together…Mother and Me, Me and Momma.

She is so cared for and her friends stand by her….always watching out for her safety…It is truly amazing to watch the love that surrounds her on a moment by moment basis….

These are the days of being touched and feeling so emotional….

Thank God for Ellen, Dolly, Mary and Helen and CobeBryant and Mimi…and Laura too…

The RA’s have been terrific….They listen to what Momma has to say…She is very clear in how she wants her things, her breakfast, her bedroom….They appreciate her uplifted comments….

The bottom line? She rocks – no matter what mood she’s in…She bounces back and begins another day….

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