A Goddess’ thoughts on Mothers

What I Learned 
Mothers are humans and need compassion too.
Remember, you can listen to your mother’s advice but that doesn’t mean you have to use it.
Women have a choice about getting married.
Be who you are with your family, use gentle strength and humor whenever possible.
Never reject a Jewish mother’s food.
Look for humorous things your relatives say to write in a journal as a way to lighten up family conversations that get intense.
Modern Day Goddess Contemplations
1. What do you appreciate about your mother?
2. What good qualities did you receive from your mother?
3. How has your mother influenced you to be like her, or not like her?
4. Is there a way for you and your mother to be compassionate with one another?
    How can you communicate this?
5. How can you be a good mother to yourself? Or invoke the divine mother within?
6. If dinner with your family was an episode in a sitcom, what lines would get laughs?
Excerpt from “Diary of a Modern-Day Goddess”, by Cynthia Daddona
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