Momma’s been glued….

to the TV set

to the Presidential Election

to CNBC – the cast and characters – mentioning the journalists names as if she knows them…but she knows she loves them….”Oh, I love Martin Bashir, Chris Matthews, and Krystal Ball…..”

TV’s been on and the fight has been strong and she knows in her heart who she wants….She’s stuck like glue – knows just what to do….voted by mail…nothings been stale….she can’t pull herself away….Nothing matters today —except that our man get elected….

There’s passion and thought provoking conversations….A side of Momma that I have never witnessed before…

“Hey, daughter….Did you know I volunteered at the poles for years and loved every minute of being out there….helping get the right man elected….It’s still in my blood…And I know who I love………”



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