This photo in front of the Christmas Tree with Mary, Ellen, Momma and Dolly. What a great picture.

The holidays are upon us….and I keep a watchful eye on Momma. She wasn’t up to “par” yesterday….Thought there was a TIA going on….but today she seems better….but slower….and confusion continues to pay a long visit to her….

It is the holiday season….she is half here and half not….Children with elderly parents need well deserved breaks….and support….

Let me know what you do for yourself these days…..

I know I am sticking like glue by Momma’s side….We are all committed to her happiness and health….How are you doing with your aging parents???

It’s sunny today….and we are about to go out and do errands….Wanna come along?




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1 Response to Holidaze…..

  1. Summerland Publishing says:

    Such lovely smiling, happy ladies! Thanks for sharing. Best, Jolinda

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