Just another Thursday?

It started out just like any other day. Momma was a bit apprehensive about meeting a “new” doctor. Today was the eye doctor. “I’m a bit frightened,” she said. “I don’t know what he will tell me about my eyes….” She sighed….I silently drove and though it was gorgeous and sunny….I never know what each day will bring.

The office was packed with patients and Momma announced herself as soon as we arrived. “Hi everybody…How you doin’ today?”

She sat down next to Jan and the conversation was going full speed ahead….and everyone in the waiting room had to hear it – the quarters were that small….

Momma looked at me and in a happy voice announced she was really glad to be out of her facility….meeting “nice” people. A beautiful “dame” on the other side of Jan, chirped in to say how much she enjoyed my momma’s accent. “Philadelphia, and I am proud!!!”

There it was – Momma running things, saying things that had most of the people in the waiting room conversing with each other and asking Momma lots of questions….

Then it happened again, “My daughter wrote a book, AND she is a great artist…..” Uh oh…my PR “person” is at it again….gosh, anytime she has an audience…she just brags and brags….”

Okay, I handed out cards for my book and art….and then the doctor took her in to his office….it was a good report and an amazing rapport between Niles and Blanche. Cute to watch!

As we were gathering up our things to leave my Dad’s sister walked in to the office…with Meryle…our blessed friend from Philly! Kay and Meryle. Wow. And we sat down and began the visit all over again…this time the room filled with love or was that just our hearts?

“I just had the best time ever being out with you…..she exclaimed happily!!!!”

Then started to sing…..I could have danced all night….

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