Aging…..who knew?  As I watch Momma and the residents, sometimes become unglued…from falls and stress as the aging process progresses….Pain and trauma, injuries and upsets….we witness all of it on a daily basis. Though I feel happy that Momma is settling in to her “new” facility – there is so much on our shoulders regarding how it goes on a day to day basis.

How very stressful….the aging process.  Healing and repair are the key words for the day. How do we help with healing and especially the repair process?

My husband and I are on a new “product”…and we feel the healing and repair in our own symptoms on a daily basis.  I am about to get Momma on this product…and we wait with anticipation to see her feel better with her walking and memory, fatigue and emotional state. We seem to believe that the body will be nourished with the right components…

For us, we see and feel a difference….For Momma, we look forward to helping – and seeing results…

So for now, lots to look forward to….our health – the healthy stabilization of wellness for the nervous system….What else can we say? The time is now for solutions….

Happy healthy results….IMG_0806

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