Excitement builds….

My play writing partner, Zoe Miller-Lee will have her play Patria Libre open in Chicago next week….and the excitement builds….I just read an interview about her and wanted to share it with you.

Introducing: Zoë Miller-Lee

We’re in the final countdown to the premiere of Patria Libre (10 days!), which is so incredibly exciting. We absolutely cannot wait for you to see this show. As part of the lead up, we’re launching a series to introduce you to the artists who’ve helped bring it to life.

At the heart of any play is its playwright, and we consider ourselves lucky to be the first of what should be many companies to work with Zoë. Her writing is compelling, beautiful, and true, and we’ve loved it from when we first got our hands on it.

But enough from us. We’ve asked her a few questions and will let her introduce herself!

The Playwright – Zoë Miller-Lee

What have you enjoyed most about writing and working on Patria Libre?

Living in a world that isn’t mine.  I don’t know if I’d describe that feeling as enjoyment though.  The life of this play is one that I borrowed, but would never want.  Going back to it during rehearsals and reworking a couple of scenes—I looked forward to the days when I would be writing, but those days were also some of my most stressful days. While I’m working through a solution I carry the voices and worries and grief of these people everywhere with me.  It’s a good thing I like them so much.

Which character are you most like, most different from, and why?

That’s impossible to answer.  I’m sure there are parts of me in all the characters, but if I am, it got in without my knowing it. Something that was freeing about writing this play is that this family is very unlike my own, which allowed me  to let them say whatever they wanted to each other without fear of me coming through in the conversations.  Or fear of repercussions from my family if they recognized themselves. ;)

Would you rather only eat one food for the rest of your life, or only listen to one song? Which food/song would you pick?

I think I’d rather eat only one food for the rest of my life.  I love food and I’ll eat any kind of cuisine, although I draw the line when you get into the Fear Factor zone of crazy food.  But I rely on music every day like a distraction device to give the chatty interrupting part of my brain something to chew on, leaving me alone  to focus and get work done. There’s no way I’d be able to survive on one song.  I’ve always been that way.  When I was younger, I’d sit down to do homework at the dining room table and  I’d have the TV on and music playing. My mom couldn’t believe I was able to focus, but I don’ t think I would have been able to focus without it.

You are being relocated for your own protection. You can go anywhere in the world, but once you’re there, you cannot leave city limits. Where do you go?

London.  I’ve lived there. I know my way around and speak the language (mostly). It’s beautiful (even when rainy). I have friends there and the city limits covers a pretty broad range of urban and countryside. Would I have to get a job?  I’d rather just go into hiding and go see lots of theater.   ###

Our play, The Princess and the Iguana, a comedy about meeting grief head-on “living with a 14 year old Iguana for five days” and learning to live outside the box and come to terms with loving and laughing from a situation that felt so surreal.

I have a good feeling that this comedy will be up and running….soon enough. There needs to be more laughter in the world these days.

I am so proud of my partner. And as my Momma always says, I love bragging about you, my daughter….you’re so talented…where did IT come from….and the friends you have are all so amazing. I am always just so at a loss of words when I think of what you do with your playwriting, songwriting and all your books…..”

Love is the answer.

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