A reminder….Being in Gratitude

(written in 1997 by LCS)

The road is long, but this time it’s clear. I walk stead fast and sturdy, clearly intentional on this path. All I see is light light light at the end of this road. I journey with joy in my heart, as the elementals dance in the shadows of the sun trying to keep up with me. I carry a song of love in my pocket ready to share the lyrics with anyone I meet. Though I am learning discernment, my journey is my own. And there are times I feel alone…I am not.

Love surrounds every morsel of my soul and I am enjoying that I am going no place in particular….I walk in faith and hope that many come into my vision and if requested I share my wisdom and songs of the years. I am reminded of the days gone by of the dark times I never thought would end. I always had an inner sense and clear voices whispering in my ear. Throughout time, I learned to listen. And in the silence it lifted me to higher ground. It takes time to learn to listen and I share that with many. Being quiet, being still, listening for the sounds of your heartbeat puts things in a proper perspective. When you get in touch with the sound of your own humanity you are truly empowered to dance to your humanly music. Waking up to celebrate YOU is what I am talking about.

There is constant surprise with ideas and possibilities. I feel honored to be in this life and on this journey. So worth the speed bumps, stop signs and drive.

I am spun to new realities to share. I know one thing. I am here and this is real. 



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