The Ins and the Outs…..

_DSF0205Taking care of Momma in the way that I do, surely has me remember what my husband and brother do for her also…This is a shared deal….we all do different things regarding her health and well being…financials and medications…..but we are a team and we must not forget it.

WE need to stick together and not butt heads…the solution is love. forgiveness  and happiness that we still have Momma with us…and yet, sometimes it’s hard…and alot of the time it’s fun. We are up and down, half and half and always watching the ins and outs. as we know we have pleasant, high spirited Mother that makes us laugh most of the time……and in the name of Mother’s Day….there is no Hallmark Card that could say all we need to say to express how damned lucky we feel to have Momma and the family she created…

The above pic is puppy looking at the angel….in gratitude…

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1 Response to The Ins and the Outs…..

  1. sshern007 says:

    Thank you babe! I think the picture is our next holidays card!!!

    love you love you..


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