Holidays 2013

Feeling like this could be a great reminder for all of us in our lives….

Happy Holidaze… all of you….

    • Be in the now moment. Lao Tse, from the Tao said: “If you are depressed you are in the past. If you are anxious you are in the future. If you are happy you are in the present moment.”
    • Practice being
    • Get physical exercise, eat well, and put good thoughts into your mind.
    • Live from your heart and soul.
    • Laugh.
    • Love.
    • Play.
    • Be in joy.
    • Live in gratitude.
    • Bless everything even if you don’t like it.
    • Stay focused on your purpose.
    • Connect with other like-minded souls.
    • Speak your truth.
    • Be in nature.
    • Ask for healing when you need it.
    • Remember to call up your angels, guides and masters when you need help.
    • Pay attention. Be aware of everything that is going on around you.
    • Hang around young children and animals to see how present they are.
    • Ask to be of service daily and see how many new ways you can serve.
    • Follow the energy from your heart.
    • Let go of the old ways of seeing yourself and others.
    • Talk to our Creator. When we first came onto the planet a long time ago we were in constant communication with the Creator. We can do it again.
    • Rise above the negativity.
    • Read inspiring books or watch inspiring videos.
    • Transmute/transform that which is no longer serving you. St. Germain’s Violet Flame is good for transmutation.
    • Share your love and humor wherever you go.
    • Don’t take yourself seriously.
    • Learn something new.
    • Give away old clothes and things that you no longer want or need.
    • Practice forgiveness.
    • Share your abundance.
    • Pray and meditate.
    • Create.
    • Go within.
    • Dream about the New Earth.
    • Know that you are unlimited.
    • Empower yourself.
    • Correct yourself when you know you are wrong.
    • Stop procrastinating. Do it now!



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