Hello all….Been a while since I’ve posted about Life With Momma (Blanche)
She’s had a series of health issues…that has keep me bending over backward. The thing is the devotion from a daughter to her mother. It runs deep. It’s extremely mind boggling most of the time. Watching the aging process is scary and yet I remain strong. There are so many times that I want to scream and I eventually remember to ask for prayers of strength.
There’s no easy way at this time taking care of Momma. I see differences every day in her mind body and soul. Her heart remembers to be more loving on a daily basis. She is doing amazing “LOVEwork” with all the residents where she lives.
I go away to replenish to start all over again.
Helping, supporting, assisting and guiding, not just Momma but everyone around me.
WE are in the deep throes of late eighties for Momma and there are no disco balls anywhere to be found!

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