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Giving Birth To My Parents


Lorrie Caplan-Shern

This is a blog related to the book I released in January 2012 through Summerland Publishing.

Giving Birth To My Parents is a guide, for every generation; teaching all of us how to honor, celebrate and remember the elders of our culture.

This memoir is about my relationship that I created with my parents through thousands of hours on the phone and traveling and staying with my parents in Northeast Philadelphia.  This  labor of love for over a decade, stirred emotions that never seemed to end.  During that time, I helped them, taught them, exposed them to new things and showed them by example. I had been an Intuitive Life Coach for many years – working with clients from around the world. I used my coaching skills to help them have new eyes, a willingness, an openness and enthusiasm to move forward, to eventually trust the source of knowledge, inspiration and experience I could offer. Our interactions inspired both me and my parents to eventually understand and acknowledge the depth of our lives and  to experience the blessings and miracles that they could generate on their own.

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