Our doggie, RIOI am the loving puppy of the Author….She has been so busy lately that I think she’s NOT finding enough time to be with me. As a Cardigan Corgi, I demand to be paid attention to.

I need treats and pets and walks and time to look for squirrels!

I did not realize that by sitting by her side for the last few years while she was putting the finishing touches on this parent book…. now that it’s out there….she just doesn’t consider me as much as she had before this book was released.

I need releasing! NOW!

Yard please. And where’s my doggie door? Where are all my toys?



1 Response to RIO SPEAKS…..

  1. Motek Shelee Zimmerman says:

    Dear Rio,
    This is your good friend Motek. I am upset to hear that you are being so neglected. Try any of the following: chew up her favorite shoes, pee in the kitchen (best not do it on carpets – that makes them really mad), or just keep barking until you get some attention.
    kind regards,

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